Pressure Washing Services

Let us do your yard, roof, fence, and patio washing for you! Our service eliminates the need for strenuous scrubbing, climbing ladders, and a long time; it also removes allergens and dirt that you didn’t even realize was stuck to the sides of your home.

Our company, Lawn Service Pro, is known to perform some of the most advanced and convenient services in the industry, such as pressure washing. Our advanced washer is a high-tech machine that can easily reach the top of a 2-story home. Our teams can be in and out of your house in no time, leaving you with sparkling clean siding and windows! If you want a beautiful view from your patio or deck, simply call us, and we’ll get rid of all dirt buildup on those surfaces.

How Can Pressure Washing Services Be Great Help?

Have you ever thought about doing your home’s power washing yourself? Maybe you have a big home or a big backyard, which makes power washing impossible to do on your own. If this is the case, you should call The Lawn Service Pro today! Our professional teams remove all dirt build-up so that your house looks new once again. We can do the job for you at a great price!

Power washing can make a huge difference in the appearance of your house, fence, and patio. Grime, dirt, and debris attached to your home are removed with this professional service that can save you time and money by removing the layers that build over time.

The extreme trouble removing the dirt and grime that builds up on your home throughout a couple of months can make you feel frustrated. Many homeowners know that an incredible amount of dirt and debris build up on their homes throughout the year.

This build-up can lead to many problems with your house, such as mildew or mold growth, stained siding, and clogged drains. Then, it might be time for you to rent a powerful pressure washing service to ensure your house looks fresh and clean.

Major Pressure Washing Services

Sidewalks & Walkways

Cleaning your home is never a pleasant experience. Once we've wiped up some dirt and debris on your sidewalks or walkways, it just needs to be done again in a short while. There's one way to prevent such situations — pressure washing.

Patios & Stoops Furniture

Did you know that by pressure washing your patios and outdoor furniture, you can boost your home's curb appeal and help the environment? We've teamed up with pressure washers to share all the reasons why pressure washing is more than just a cleaning tradition.

Roof Pressure Washing

If you are looking for a reliable pressure washing company, then you have come to the right place! At Lawn Service Pro, we're committed to providing our customers with high-quality pressure washing services at an affordable price.

Gutter Pressure Washing

With so many contractors in the area, finding an affordable and reliable pressure washing professional will be difficult, if not impossible, especially for cleaning roof gutters. Your home must have sparkling clean outdoor spaces for guests to enjoy.

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Why Are We The Most Trustworthy & Pressure Washing Professionals?

Free Inspection & Estimates

You can always ask for free inspection and estimates as they are a great way to know how much budget you will require. It is a smart move to request free services estimates. Besides, you can always leave customer reviews that can make all the difference in improving our service for our future customers.

Saves You A Lot Of Time

Do you have a brand new home? Do you need to put your house in order? We know it might require a lot of effort than you imagine. Also, pressure washing your backyard, roofs, and lawn pavements can be time-consuming. Don’t worry! We specialize in pressure washing hard-surface cleaning (hardwood floors, concrete, stone) to save up your time.

100% Professional Results

From our aggressive pressure washing strategies to our new advanced machines and strong partnerships with all the best cleaning equipment manufacturers, we can guarantee the greatest power washing results possible all around California.

Affordable Packages

Our Pressure Washing Professionals all around California offer highly affordable and customer-friendly price packages that you are hardly able to resist. We pride ourselves on being quick and reliable at all times. We are here to help you, our client, with any questions that might arise.

Advanced & Specialized Tools

Why us? Then the answer will fall into the independent pressure washers and hand units that offer such high-quality results at a fair price. Our team is well experienced and trained with all the latest equipment and commercial grade parts to serve our customers better.

Customer Satisfaction & Guarantee

Lawn Pro Services are the most reliable & trustworthy pressure washing specialists. We have an outstanding reputation as an expert at satisfying our clients, which is why so many people come to us or hire us for our lawn care or pressure washing services.

It is always a pleasure working with Lawn Service Pro. They have been able to provide us with quality services and work. I'd recommend them to everyone who needs pressure washing services in our area, as they are trustworthy and always undercut their competitors on price!

Need More Help? Read FAQs

How Much Does Pressure Washing Cost?

Pressure washing costs vary depending on your needs, location, and the time of year it's done. To give you a general idea of where you can find pressure washer pricing online, I've compiled some reliable information from several sources for you.

How often should I power wash my house?

Power washing your house is a great way to remove drywall dust and loose, flaky paint from hard surfaces such as siding, fascia, gutters, downspouts, and more. It's also a fast and easy way to prevent mold and mildew build-up on shingles and other roofing materials. But how often you should do it depends on the external conditions that affect your home's outer appearance. We recommend about 6 to 12 months for complete cleanup.

What time of year is best to power wash a house?

As the weather warms up and spring comes around, so do homeowners' thoughts about all the work that needs to be done on their homes, including power washing. While some homeowners may want to wait until late spring or early summer before scheduling a power wash, most professionals recommend that houses are power washed at least once a year between March and November.

How Long Will It Take To Pressure Wash My Yard?

It depends on how big the house is, but you'll never beat the old rule of thumb that says it takes 30 minutes to pressure wash an average-sized home. It usually takes twice as long (around 1 hour) to power wash a two-story home or bigger.
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