California Landscaping Services

Your outdoor space is an extension of your home. It could be a small area, like a deck or yard or large enough for multiple uses and entertaining guests. Features such as mowing, mulching, irrigation and pruning are all part of the design process while creating a beautiful landscape that suits your preferences and expresses your personality through greenspace.

Our experts are trained in horticulture and about the landscaping design so you can feel confident choosing our services to create an outdoor space that suits your preferences

If you are looking for California landscaping services, Lawn Service Pro has an excellent team that can help according to your preferences.

How Can California Landscaping Services Be Great Help?

When it comes to your outdoor space, Lawn Service Pro uses a combination of design and horticulture to create landscapes tailored to their owners’ personalities and lifestyles. Whether you want a modern stone patio or a natural-feeling oasis, our expert staff uses their knowledge to help you achieve the best design for your property.

Choosing where to place your plants, trees, or other features is quite an art form. That’s why we at Lawn Service Pro are here to help guide you through the process.

When it comes to design and landscaping, we have the experience and expertise you need. Whether you have a small or large project, we have a team of professionals dedicated to meeting your needs. Our clients love the fact that they can approach us with any type of project, no matter how complex or challenging.

We’ll help you get your outdoor space looking great by incorporating appropriate plants and flowers that blend in with your surroundings.

Major California Landscaping Services

Stonework & Pavers

If you are looking for a finished look and feel to your home, a variety of materials can be used to design Stone slabs, pavers, and decorative rock settings. It will add more beauty and value to your property to make it look more exquisite.

Flowering Garden & Landscape Lighting

Our professional design team can build everything from landscape lighting or well-trimmed flower beds. We work with various materials & different tools to help out with the edge cutting, trimming, or pruned. Additionally, we carry an extensive line of lighting fixtures to complete your outdoor space.

Shrubs / Trees / Decorative Plants

At Lawn Service Pro, we want to make your landscape look better than good. Our landscape contractor offers services such as trimming the shrubs to trees and making your garden more presentable with decorative plants. You don’t have to worry about irrigation systems and to put fertilizers on time as we do it for you.

Retaining Walls

When you choose a landscaping service, you want to be sure they will deliver the look you’re going for. For example, if you require a formal garden, make sure they know how to do an extensive job – whether it be flowerbeds, lawns, brick edges, etc.

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Why Are We The Most Trustworthy California Landscaping Professionals?

Free Inspection & Estimates

We're the most trusted and professional landscaping company all around California. We offer free estimates and inspections for which we don't charge upfront. We provide various landscaping designs to help you decide which one looks good in your yard. We have extensive experience, and advanced & specialized tools to get it done right for the first time!

100% Professional Results

Landscaping is one of the best ways to improve your property. In order to achieve this, you need to get the right landscaping services in your area, which can be difficult. But when you know the best professionals working in the industry, finding them won't be hard at all.

Saves You A Lot Of Time

Our company is a full-service landscaping company that provides professional, reliable landscaping services to our customers. We have high standards for workmanship and pride ourselves on our quality of work. Our mission is to keep you satisfied and save you a lot of time.

Affordable Landscaping Packages

We guarantee that our landscaping packages are what you need for your project, no matter how small or large it may be. We offer exceptional services at affordable rates, especially for smaller or large properties that want to create a beautiful landscape around their home.

Advanced & Specialized Tools

Our team is experienced and well qualified with special tools or machines used during landscaping. We've done a lot of work all around California - so don't hesitate to contact us for any kind of landscaping service you might need, and believe us, count on us when you hire us!

Customer Satisfaction & Guarantee

There are many landscaping companies out there, so why are we the most trustworthy and dependable Landscaping Professionals? That's because Lawn Service Pro will work with you to create the outdoor space that perfectly fits your needs with guaranteed satisfaction.

I have been using Lawn Service Pro for over a year now, and I have seen huge benefits in my time and money management. They offer a wide variety of services that I love about them.

Need More Help? Read FAQs

How Much Do You Charge For Landscaping My Lawn?

There are many landscaping companies in the business sector, but they don't all offer the same quality. It's hard to find a company that offers quality services and fair prices. Landscaping charges can vary depending upon the services you need and the area you want to cover.

Do You Offer Further Maintenance For The Landscaping?

While most landscape contractors in California do offer quality care for your yard, some also have additional services available. You can surely call our experts any time to let them know what further assistance you need with landscaping. We always feel happy to help our old customers.

How Much Time Will It Take For Landscaping My Garden?

If you asked us this question, the answer depends upon the inspection we made and the amount of work you need to do. But then again, we are the landscaping experts, and there could be many factors that make gardening even more time-consuming than we thought.
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